Experience Profile Error – Overview and Profiling Tab

after we started utilizing the Marketing Applications like Profile cards, AB Testing and other digital features then recently we got an error in Experience Profile. Screenshot from Experience Profile: Error Details from Log File: 7200 12:28:06 WARN  Failed loading latest visit data in view [latest-statistics] 8696 12:28:06 ERROR Profile data cannot be shown for this visitor. Contact... Continue Reading →


Sitecore 9.0.0 Habitat Installation – Hiccups & Issues

Here I'm documenting the issues occurred during the Sitecore 9 Habitat installation. Check out Feature/V9. clone the GIT Repository and checkout Feature/V9. Because this branch only has installable and folders required for SC9 https://github.com/Sitecore/Habitat.git Follow the instructions as per the below URL, change the folders as per the below Getting Started: https://github.com/Sitecore/Habitat/blob/feature/v9/docs/01-Getting-Started.md Resource You Need: https://github.com/Sitecore/Habitat/blob/feature/v9/docs/02-Resources.md... Continue Reading →

Recently did the Sitecore 9 Installation. Post-installation faced the below error Browsing XConnect: Experience Analytics: Sitecore Logs: Sitecore.XConnect.XdbCollectionUnavailableException The issue is because of Sitecore 9 - Untrusted certificates are installed under the Trusted folder, So we have to manually execute the below PowerShell script after Sitecore 9 installation and then restart the machine. Use Powershell... Continue Reading →

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