Experience Profile Error – Overview and Profiling Tab

after we started utilizing the Marketing Applications like Profile cards, AB Testing and other digital features then recently we got an error in Experience Profile.

Screenshot from Experience Profile:


Error Details from Log File:

7200 12:28:06 WARN  Failed loading latest visit data in view [latest-statistics]
8696 12:28:06 ERROR Profile data cannot be shown for this visitor. Contact the system administrator.
Exception: System.ApplicationException
Message: Profile datacan not be shown for this visitor. Contact the system administrator.
Source: Sitecore.Cintel
at Sitecore.Cintel.Reporting.Contact.ProfileInfo.Processors.FindBestPatternMatchAndApplyToProfileInfo.ApplyPatternToOneProfile(ReportProcessorArgs args, DataRow profileRow)

We raised the support ticket with Sitecore and they provided the below solution

 could you please add empty pattern cards to all the profiles? Then re-publish changes to the Web database and try to reproduce the issue.


After adding the empty profile cards then experience profile started working. Though the resolution doesn’t look like a convincing approach, it did resolve the issue.

Are we still exist in the ancient Programming world ( Look at the above log error message highlighted in red)

Happy Coding !!!!!






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