MongoDb Installation

  1. Navigate to MongoDB Download and download community edition.
  2. Make sure to install Mongo Compass, its a separate tool and its similar to RoboMongo, and it has lot of functionalities
  3. Usually do the custom Installation inside c:\mongodb
  4. after the installation Create three folders, as below
    1. c:\mongodb\data

    2. c:\mondodb\data\db

    3. c:\mongodb\logs

  5. Open Command prompt in admin mode and enter the below command
    1. cd c:\monogodb\bin

  6. Install Mongo db as service,Execute the below command
    1. mongod.exe –dbpath=”c:\mongodb\data\db” –logpath=”c:\mongodb\logs\mongo.log” –install

  7. Open Services.Msc and find MongoDB click Start to start the service
  8. To verify MongoDb is running properly, Navigate to  c:\mongodb\logs and check any errors.

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